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SurfEssay.com is the best online essay writing service for many reasons, one of them being the wide range of academic papers. As a student, you surely need an online writing company that can deliver every paper within the set deadline. Knowing this, we made sure to provide you with highest quality papers of every type, for every academic level and on practically every topic.

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Essays are the most commonly assigned papers that come in many forms, types, and topics. Many underestimate the complexity of these papers, but we understand why you may have troubles with writing them.

When you need essay writing help, contact our team. We can perform a thorough research and write a carefully planned paper by using reliable sources, clear ideas and strong arguments. Most importantly, we will write every type of essay you need.


You may see coursework as the least important task, but this cannot be further from the truth. When you gather all the coursework for a subject, this applies to a great percentage of your final grade.

Since this is one of the most commonly assigned writing tasks, you will find yourself unable to write it at a certain point. When this time comes, let us help you by finishing it within the deadline.


Assignments come in various forms and specifications. Companies rarely have the courage to offer assistance with this type of academic tasks, but the expertise and experience of our team of writers allow us to guarantee top-notch assignments on any topic and for every academic level.

Research proposal

A research proposal is much shorter than the research paper itself but can be equally frustrating, complex and time-consuming. Why? Because in order to write a research proposal, you must perform a thorough research, set your ideas straight, plan the entire paper and explain all this in only a few pages.


A thesis is a theory you must prove, which means that this paper requires highly advanced researching skills. Whether you will find the sources in the library or online, you must make sure that everything is true and reliable before using it in the paper.

This is not all. Theses require highly developed writing skills, too. If you do not have the time or do not know how to write a thesis, ask our thesis-writing experts for help.


Dissertations are the final step of a student's education, but they are also the most complex tasks you have been assigned throughout the years of academic learning.

The sole fact that this is the final task is overwhelming and students often procrastinate writing the dissertation. Seeing that this is the most time-consuming and complex task of them all, we offer to write it for you and make sure that you showcase high academic skills.

Movie review

Movie reviews may not require the same amount of research as other papers, but they are very time-consuming to write. You need to take the time and watch a movie several times, as well as research to create a carefully written review. Let our experts handle this paper and use the time to focus on other tasks.

Article critique

Writing an article critique is often more difficult than writing the article itself. In order to criticize something, you need to have a lot of information on the topic. You cannot really say that a point is bad if you have not done the necessary research. To skip all this trouble and get some free time to handle other tasks, use the expertise of our writers and let us write your article critique.

Book review

Only a few students have the time to read a book, research and evaluate it to write a review. Our experts have the necessary experience and time to write this review for you. All you have to do is ask.

Term paper

Term papers come in the form of a lengthy essay that summarizes everything that has been done in a term. This is exhausting, time-consuming and very complex, which is why many students turn to us for help.

If you have a term paper that needs writing, let us assign the most eloquent and experienced writer to it.

Research paper

As the name suggests, research papers demand excellent research skills. This can present a big problem to those who do not have the time to finish all tasks before the deadline.

Having a huge database of reliable sources and writers with high research skills allows us to craft the best research papers.

Case study

A case study requires lengthy process of research and recording that demands detailed consideration of a development and changes in a person, situation, and group. This sounds difficult on its own, not to mention that students rarely have the time to dedicate to such time-consuming tasks. We are experts in case study writing.


Very few students have the courage to get in front of the entire class and present or speak on a topic. Allow us to make this as easy as it can be by providing you with the content for your speech and presentation. Once you know that your speech/presentation is perfect, you will feel more confident on the spot.

Editing services

Even if you spend days on writing an academic paper, the second pair of eyes is always a good idea. Being your paper, you can easily miss errors in it. Let our team of editors spot these mistakes and make the content as convincing and appealing as it can be.

Proofreading services

We can proofread your written papers and make sure everything is perfect. Allow us to detect errors, fix typos and unintentional mistakes before delivering the paper you worked so hard on to your professor. We will make sure that your writing is the best version it can be.

Are you happy with our list of academic papers? If there is a paper you need, but cannot find it in the list, get in touch and we will make sure to help you with anything you need!