Article Critique

The Basics of Writing a Great Article Critique

If you’re preparing to write a detailed evaluation of an article, it’s crucial to know which points you need to focus on. Writing an article critique is different to other types of papers, such as essays or research papers. Before you dive into this task, you need to know all the basics, and essentially what an article critique should consist of.

It’s all in the details.

Details matter. It’s the basic point of the entire critique. You’re not going to evaluate the article vaguely but rather go into details. If you want to get the best possible grade, focus on every single detail and make sure that you are very specific about the point that you are making.

Analyse it completely.

With article critique, you’re not supposed to focus on the analysis of solely one section or one paragraph. You’re obliged to analyze the entire article, not just certain parts of it.

Opinions matter.

It’s also crucial to state and describe your opinion on the content. This is what a critique is all about, your opinion, whether you agree or disagree.

Write down effective points.

When you analyze the entire article, you should definitely write down the most effective points. This will help you write the critique better, and know which points are the most important ones to discuss.


The conclusion should focus on whether you disagree or agree with the points and overall ideas that have been stated in the article.

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