Book Review

How to Pinpoint the Author’s Perspective

When doing a book review, may students struggle with the idea of understanding what the author’s perspective or point of view is. You may understand the plot and what actually happens, but how do you know and recognize the author’s point of view?

  • Details Are Crucial. Always pay attention to even the slightest details that the author gives. If necessary jot them down for later analysis, but sometimes the details hold the key to understand what the author thinks.
  • Think About Your Thoughts. Did author’s writing make you think about a certain point? If it did, what was it? And what exactly did you feel like you had to think about?
  • The Main Idea. What are the main idea and the purpose of the book? Is there a particular message the author was trying to send to his readers through the main points?
  • Focus on identifying the facts and information that the author used in order to convince you of something?
  • Think About the Genre. It’s also important to focus on the genre, identifying it, and thinking whether the book fits into it.

Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish your own opinion from what the author was trying to say. But it’s crucial you know how to identify what the author’s message was, in order to better understand the book itself. It will make for a very thorough and insight book review, that is bound to grab the attention of anyone who is reading it.

If you love to immerse yourself in the world of books, you love reading and discussing books, then you’re not alone. Plenty of students enjoy reading books, but when they are faced with the task of writing a book review, it can be more tricky than it seems. Writing book reviews isn’t always a breeze, especially if you have never written a book review before and you don’t have experience with writing book reviews. Taking that into consideration, as well as all other assignments you have to deal with simultaneously, it’s not surprising that students need academic assistance. There’s simply not enough time to learn how to write a book review, with all the workload you have to balance. If you feel like this is the story of your lifetime, then you’re just in the right spot.

Quality book reviews are a challenge and for several good reasons. Book reviews require:

  • Great writing skills, on a higher level, so that you can write a good book review that scores you the highest grade. There’s no room for error.
  • Good researching skills as well, because you’re going to need to find additional information, that’s going to help you analyze the book properly.
  • Knowledge about the structure, outline, and formatting of a book review.
  • Enough time to meet the deadline, because writing a book review is a task that requires time.

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