Movie Review

How to Organise a Movie Review

If you’re struggling with the structure of your movie review, have no fear. We’re here with concrete tips that are going to help you create the ideal structure. Structure of your movie review matters and information needs to be organized properly, in order for your movie review to have the proper flow. Here are all the steps to follow to do the job right: 


Naturally, you start with the introduction, that includes the title of the movie and some basic information.

Story Summary

Give a short description of the story, so that the reader understands what the movie is about. 

Plot Elements

Make sure to focus on the analysis of the plot, and this would include climax and rising action.

Other Elements

These elements include everything else that either adds or takes away from the plot, and this is where you will talk about camera angles, mood, tone, dialogue, characters, and costumes. 


One of the last elements is adding your own opinion. Make sure to leave this for the ending, after you’ve analyzed the entire movie. 


Finally, you make a short and concise conclusion, where you will state whether the film creator has succeeded in delivering the right message, and how this movie helped you understand a certain topic.

If you follow this particular order, your movie review will not only be properly structured, it will be easier to write a movie review that’s cohesive and easy to understand.

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